Recording Alberto Portugheis at St James’s Piccadilly

Alberto Portugheis international concert pianist, author and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. returns to St James’s Piccadilly for his annually birthday concert.

Alberto has combined his world travels with an active pursuit of peace. He stresses that every human being has a right to a world free from war, pointing out that this is inscribed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but not observed by any of the countries that signed the Declaration.

He argues that there is no solution to conflict while we continue to accept a militarized world, stressing that “weapons for peace do not exist”. He wants to see the abolition of weapons, and as a consequence, the universal disbanding of all Armed Forces. The journal of Alberto Portugheis. Alberto’s music company promotes new music, organises masterclasses and publishes educational music material. A Game of War and a Path to Peace – A book by Alberto Portugheis.


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